What is Common(s) Creative?

A space where we nurture a harmonious blend of work, leisure, and authentic connections by empowering individuals to thrive, break barriers of isolation, and create an oasis that shapes the future of work and living.
Welcome to Common(s) Creative in San Diego's East Village—an extraordinary co-living space that serves as an oasis for remote workers, freelancers, solopreneurs, creatives, community leaders and those seeking a place to simply be. The need for community and relationship is at the top of people’s hearts right now. We see Common(s) Creative being a space where people will gather for deeper community.
We go beyond traditional coworking spaces, bridging the gap between coffee shops and coworking spaces, by providing a nurturing environment for creation, connection, and balanced living. Our community programming, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our members, fosters play, exploration, and discovery, while embracing the counter-cultural notion of accepting one another as brothers and sisters.

Here, productivity is not the measure of worth; instead, we invite you to show up as you are, whether for rest, play, or creative pursuits, and experience the oasis we've created in the heart of the city.

Common(s) Creative Day Pass

Cowork Hours:
Thursdays & Fridays 10a-4p

$5/Day Pass Includes:
Unlimited Coffee
Fast Wifi
10 PrintPages

Available for Rent:

At Common(s) Creative, our mission goes beyond simply existing; we aspire to be a sanctuary of empowerment, connection, and inclusivity. We open our doors each day with the intention of nurturing a haven where individuals from all walks of life can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Our co-living space is more than just walls and furniture – it's a vibrant tapestry of people, ideas, and shared dreams.

Your contribution supports not just a physical space, but a thriving community that values each member as a unique thread in the fabric of our collective journey. Join us in keeping these doors open, where hearts and minds converge, and where the seeds of a more connected and compassionate world are sown.

Looking for the perfect venue for your intimate event? Look no further. Common(s) Creative offers a versatile space that spans 1,800 square feet, accommodating 70 people comfortably. Complete with seating, state-of-the-art AV capabilities, large windows for natural lighting, and dedicated staff support.

Our welcoming environment is ready to enhance your special occasion! Whether it's a workshop, event, gathering, reception or celebration, our space provides the ideal city backdrop. Reach out to us today to book the space that will make your event truly memorable.

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